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A Holiday Advent(ure)

Well, now that our friends down South have finally finished celebrating Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, Whittling Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and Frugal Friday, I think it is safe to say that we have finally hit the holiday season.


I don’t know what gave it away – the endless deluge of Christmas ditties while standing uncommunicative in the grocery store check out line, the Valentine’s display at Costco, the endless snowfalls we’ve endured. Maybe it’s the annual Hallmark channel assault of Christmas movies or the lights and the trees that have sprung up on pretty much every house in the neighbourhood (even mine). Any one of those factors could be the giveaway.


At any rate, Christmas is that time of year that always seems so far away until whammo, there it is – and we all come to the crushing realization that we haven’t even started shopping or otherwise getting ready for the festivities. Interestingly, one way of managing that crisis is to use a calendar, because that shows you how many days you have until you really need to hit the panic button.


And as luck would have it, you can buy a calendar that actually does the counting down for you and rewards you with a daily chocolate for doing so!


I am referring of course to Advent calendars. Look, I know the purpose of the Advent calendar isn’t to serve as a shopping guide, so please don’t come to my house and scare my kids. But given that you can now get a cannabis Advent calendar, I think you should all cut me a little slack for suggesting my own uses for one.


So, in the spirit of the season and the first of my lazy holiday themed blogs (warning – there is a top movie list coming!), I present to you my very own Crude Observations Advent calendar, complete with an energy or related treat for each day.  I will leave it up to you if you want to read it all at once or actually use it for the purpose it was intended. I am more of an immediate gratification kind of guy, those 24 chocolates for $2.99 calendars don’t stand a chance with me – so you can guess which course of action I would recommend… I have included the preview version that let’s you see everything at once and a calendar version, that restricts you to one a day.


This is the one where you get instant gratification:

Advent Calendar Link – All in One Shot!


This is the one where you have to wait in breathless anticipation:

Advent Calendar Link – One day at a time!

Crude Observations
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