Whether you are selling your business in anticipation of retirement, want to expand through acquisition, need to raise capital or have specific financial advisory needs, Stormont can deliver.


Our success is ultimately measured by the value added to a clients’ business through our efforts.

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Our industry background allows us to understand your company’s unique value proposition and convey that information to the right buyers. Our rigorous process generates competitive tension so that you maximize value and close your transaction. Learn more about our sell-side services »

Our services in support of the buying process can be as all-encompassing or specific as you require. Whether you have a target in mind or just a concept, we can help identify and rank targets, determine fair pricing, negotiate terms, coordinate due diligence and raise capital to finance the acquisition. Find out more about our buy-side services »
We have broad experience in assisting clients in sourcing capital to finance corporate or asset acquisitions, refinance existing operations or restructure the company balance sheet in the face of difficult times. Find out more about how we help raise capital »

We help guide clients through periods of dynamic change to optimize business performance and prepare the company in advance of a sale. Learn more about our advisory services »