Selling Your

Regardless of whether you are approaching retirement, a pre-emptive buyer comes along or the market timing just feels right, when the time comes to sell your business, you need an advisor in your corner who can execute.


Our industry background allows us to understand your company’s unique value proposition and convey that information to the right buyers. Our rigorous process generates competitive tension so that you maximize value and close your transaction.


While we have executed numerous assignments for publicly traded companies, we are specialists in mid-market, private company transactions in the energy services and diversified industrials sectors.


Services Offered:
Private corporate divestitures
Private Corporate Divestitures
We offer full transaction support for business owners looking to maximize value by running a process to sell their company.
Private equity financing
Private Equity Financing
Assisting business owners in finding an equity partner to pursue growth opportunities.
Transaction support
Transaction Support
We can assist companies that already have a buyer interested in maximizing value and deal terms while ensuring a smooth and successful close.
Pubco asset sales
Corporate Asset Sales
Managing corporate carve-outs or asset sales for larger corporate entities (both private and publicly traded).
How we add value
  • Broaden universe of potential buyers
  • Create marketing materials for sale process
  • Manage equitable, confidential, and competitive process
  • Solicit indicative offers from interested buyers
  • Negotiate and optimize commercial terms of offer(s)
  • Create and manage secure online data room
  • Liaise with legal, tax and accounting due diligence teams
  • Shorten timeframe to closing