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As the implications for the broader economy and Canadian businesses from the pandemic become clearer, we wanted to assure you that Stormont remains open and is available to help companies as they seek to adapt to an unprecedented environment.


If you or any business colleague are looking for advice on how to weather this storm, how and where to raise capital, need help restructuring a balance sheet or assistance with preparing financial projections, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.


Phone and video calls are easy to make and we are available.


Our commitment is to provide each and every one of our clients, prospective clients and stakeholders with the same level of service you in the virtual environment that you would expect if we were operating in person.


In addition, where we may not be able to provide the right solution to address your needs, we are more than happy to refer you to people in our professional network who can help.


At this time it is abundantly clear that access to capital and the restructuring of balance sheets is among the most top of mind issues facing business owners and managers.


As a financial and capital advisory firm we offer the following services to business owners.


  • Assistance in triaging businesses to help figure out where the capital hole is and a plan to plug it
  • Assistance with financial modelling and security analysis where such doesn’t exist in their management team
  • Through our relationships, help clients navigate the various options available from traditional lenders through government supported programs to non-traditional lenders
  • Package preparation for the lending community. We know what underwriters want to see and can prioritize and orient the package to make the decision-making process both more efficient and more effective.
  • With the already record volume of financing requests, many lenders will establish “front of house” gating requirements which risks applicants missing out on opportunities if they are not prepared – our understanding of these will be invaluable.
  • Option and risk analysis – sometimes even with the best of intent, market forces dictate that a business owner will have to make the hardest decision they may ever have. We can help walk through the options, the process and make a wind-down as painless as possible.


Most importantly, we want to help give business owners room to step back and breathe. As seasoned business advisors who also rely on a network of like-minded professionals, we know that having a sounding board and advocate when going through a very difficult period in their corporate lives is critical for owners and managers.


Please do not hesitate to reach out, even if you just want to chat.


Stuart Parnell, Managing Director

(403) 617-8565


Dave Munro, Managing Director

(403) 813-2368


If you are uncertain about what programs and supports are available to you as a Canadian business owner, one of the best resources we have found is prepared by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and we encourage you to visit their site which is updated regularly.




For American readers, an equivalent resource that we have found is at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce


U.S. Chamber of Commerce



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