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Changing of the Guard

True to form I do a Labour Day blog every year and then find myself, as with every early September, inundated with all sorts of nonsense like “client demands” and “kids back in school”. Then I’m stuck, late on a Friday afternoon, typing a blog that I have no sense of where it’s going to go or whether I should even continue.


Mainly because I am searching for a topic, but also because the freaking Rugby World Cup is on TV and it’s the opening match featuring New Zealand playing the host French national team, and France is currently, inexplicably, winning.


So, I’ve really got nothing to write about. And I’m totally distracted because this game is awesome. Maybe oil prices? Which as anyone who is observant of these things would observe, have risen to a level we haven’t seen since the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


This of course means insane profits for all those scofflaw fossil fuel devils around the world, including many of our favourite Canadian producers. Most of us here in Albertaland of course call this a “good thing” because, you know, it helps employment, capital spending, government revenues and general livelihoods. And it funds junior rugby. And with Canada conspicuously absent, clearly there is a need for funding.


The downside of course to making money is that people notice you are making money and want to do something about it, usually involving taking it away or restricting your ability to make any. People like our friend Steven Guilbault, who feels that he has some “say” in how the Alberta energy industry should be run. Look, I’m not going to launch any anti-Liberal screed here, others do that better. Nor am I going to make some easily derided argument about provincial versus federal rights and all that. Instead, I am going to point out that the Liberal government is in the midst of melting down as an increasingly unpopular leader hangs desperately on to power, well past his best before date and the policy priorities that he and his minsters think Canadians should want to be concerned about are diametrically opposed to the ones they actually want. And no one epitomizes that late term arrogance more than Mr. Guilbault and his condescending insouciance towards the energy sector and what it means and does for the country. I honestly just dislike the man. Sorry.


At any rate, it happens. No government survives forever. Without term limits, governments just naturally run out of juice. People get tired of the same faces over and over again. And let’s face it, change is good. Most people throw out stale and moldy bread. Regardless of what you think of the “other guy”.


So here we are, a deeply unpopular federal government, an emboldened provincial government flush with cash, an energy industry that is for the most part propping up the national economy. An impasse.


What’s a Canadian looking for change to do? I know. We need a saviour. And no, it’s not going to be Pierre Poilievre or Danielle Smith. Sorry excitable right-wing folks, it ain’t who you think it is. And you are likely to lose your minds when I tell you.


It’s one man. One lonely man.


A man with the power to change it all. A man I like to call the “Most Powerful Man in Canada”. Who is that you say? No. Not Murray Edwards. Not even me.


You know who he is, he is tall, handsome, erudite, urbane and he hates corporate greed and people who make money. And, by the way, he looks fab in his $15,000 gold Rolex.


That’s right, I’m talking about none other than Jagmeet Singh. Leader of the federal NDP party.


Yup. That guy.


Go figure.


Why does he have that power? He has it because of that deal with the devil he did with the Liberals to prop up their government until 2025 in exchange for some shiny baubles.


Well now wit the LPC in freefall, how valuable is that partnership? Can he leverage the Liberals for more goodies? I don’t think so. He got them all. Is he ever going to be in a position, ever, ever again to be kingmaker?


Is he ever going to be host France inexplicably beating New Zealand this late in a match?




The time is now. Strike while the iron is hot. The Liberals are on their knees.. The Conservatives are ascendant. Are you going to tell me that Pierre Poilievre wouldn’t do a deal with the NDP to protect … child care?… if it meant they got a closer in opportunity to stick a fork in Justin Trudeau before 2025, relieve Canada of 2 more years of abject misery and clean house?


Not to mention all the seats the NDP stands to gain with the Liberals dropping like a stone. There is no alternative. It’s a Jack Layton moment. If he has the stones to seize it.


Jagmeet – think about it. You can be in the history books instead of an amusing afterthought.


The man who took down a dynasty. And in the process saved us from having to endure anymore Juston Trudeau costumes.


Do the right thing. Leave your agreement. You got what you needed. Do a deal with Pierre. Trigger a non-confidence vote. Defeat the Liberal government that clearly takes you for granted.


Let us all out of this excruciating minority government prison.


Woot! France just scored an unbelievable try. I have never seen New Zealand on their heels like this.


Holy Sh**.


27-13 France. That is the final. New Zealand has lost their first ever pool game in the World Cup.


Miracles do happen! Vive la France!


If New Zealand can go down, so can the Liberals. Time for a changing of the guard. Mr. Singh, your moment has arrived.


Vive Jagmeet!


Wow – stream of consciousness sure takes you to weird places, doesn’t it!

Crude Observations
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