Water / Wastewater Treatment Solutions Co.

Stormont is representing the sale of an Alberta-based provider of temporary water and wastewater treatment facilities to energy, heavy industry and remote-camp companies. Wastewater treatment facilities are scalable to accommodate any size required by their clients (up to 10,000 ppl). Ancillary equipment such as storage tanks, vacuum trucks, and potable water haulers are utilized to provide customized solutions and a suite of additional services to suit each customer’s needs.


The majority of the Company’s revenue is derived from long-standing service relationships with key energy sector and remote camp clients operating in Alberta and British Columbia. The Company’s core assets are of high quality and meet or exceed government mandated standards established in the Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations.


The Company reported revenue and EBITDA of $5.1MM and $2.5MM in FY2019, with forecasted FY2020 results of $5.2MM and $2.6MM, respectively. The Company has an April 30th year-end so there is a high degree of confidence in the FY20 forecast.


Contact for more information:
Stuart Parnell