Heavy Civil Construction and Mining Services Co.

Stormont Capital Advisors (“Stormont”) has been retained as the exclusive agent to represent the sale of a private company (the “Company”) providing Heavy Civil Construction and Mining Services to utilities, mining, heavy industrial, commercial, and government clients across British Columbia.  Heavy Civil Construction services contributes between 40% to 70% of annual revenues with services performed ranging from earthworks and road building, to dam construction. Mining Services is a recurring revenue stream which accounts for 25% to 50% annually, with the balance being derived from Highway Construction contracts and smaller industrial projects.


The Company’s capital assets consist of heavy equipment including excavators, articulated rock trucks, rigid haul trucks, side-dumps, wheeled loaders, dozers, graders, and Rollers. These assets represent an original equipment cost of $34MM, and a market value of $24MM.  Fiscal 2022 (YE Feb. 28th) projected revenue is +$55 million, with EBITDA forecasted to be $12 million.


Contact for more information:
Dave Munro