Downhole Tool Company

Stormont is representing the sale of a Canadian downhole tool company providing a wide range of innovative tools including retrievable casing patches, composite bridge plugs, mud motors, coil-fracturing tools, retainers, liner hangers, flow control products, and service tools. Innovative thinking and flexible problem solving have led to proprietary solutions and loyalty from their customers in Canada and overseas.


The company’s revenues stem from the following service offerings: Domestic tool sales (65%), International tool sales (5% and growing), Rentals and field service (18%), and Drill-outs (12%). The company has a history of profitable operations and in involved in exciting new tool developments.


This opportunity serves as an ideal add-on acquisition for a buyer interested in consolidating the downhole services and completion tool market while leveraging existing delivery infrastructure with innovative tool design and a proven commercialization expertise.


Contact for more information:
Dave Munro