Industrial Tank Cleaning & Turnaround Services Co.

Stormont has been retained as the exclusive agent to represent the sale of an Industrial Tank Cleaning & Facility Turnaround Services company operating across Canada.  Specifically, the company offers turnkey solutions to industrial facility turnarounds including: non-entry tank and vessel cleaning, turnaround management, high pressure industrial cleaning, oil recovery processing, and emergency spill response.


Based on backlog and awarded work, Management conservatively forecasts revenues of $37 million and EBITDA of $9MM in FY2022.  Having reached a size threshold that makes it an ideal candidate to be part of a consolidation strategy, coupled with the stability of operations and quarterly earnings, the Shareholders have decided to sell to a strategic buyer or private equity partner with the ambition and available resources to capitalize fully on the growth potential presented by this opportunity.


Contact for more information:
Dave Munro